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Nina Barough CBE

Founder and Chief Executive

of Walk the Walk Worldwide

I initially contacted Rowan with an idea of creating a few animated screens that might help our Walkers with the various instruction that we give out at our events. Rowan not only produced the animations, she created animated characters that are now used each year….she changes their bra’s and outfits of course to suit the theme, along with an ever growing archive of just wonderful visual creations that bring to life all that we do and stand for.


Our time limits are always short, our briefs are to say the least  minimal and often challenging…but Rowan always manages to capture the essence of what is required and produces and delivers on time, the most wonderful visuals and animations.


Thank you Rowan, you make it all feel very easy and all things possible!

Rowan was an absolute pleasure to work with and would 100% recommend her if you are looking for a great animator.  With her fantastic experience she grasped the idea of what we needed even before we did and turned our basic ideas into an incredibly engaging animation. 


She was willing to research concepts to ensure the animation was realistic where it needed to be and focussed on the key messages we wanted to get across to the audience. We have delivered the animation she created to audiences aged from infant schools through to secondary and even adult audiences – the feedback has been amazing and it has motivated and inspired audiences to make positive changes for the planet and for wildlife.  

Louise Shorthose

Outdoor Learning Manager

for Surrey Wildlife Trust

Yael Biran

Director of

Animator / Author

I had the privilege of both working for Rowan and being her client.

And in both cases it was a great experience.

She is a super talented illustrator, a great animator and a positive, lovely human.


Rowan is above all professional. 

Her first priority is to create something that her clients will love.

She always listens and is open to feedback as well as giving accurate directions herself.


She has a great eye and is a fantastic story teller, honest and genuine and a pleasure to talk to.

Always surprise me how someone so talented can be so very humble.

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