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Since 2012 I have be creating yearly animations for the Breast Cancer Charity's Walk the Walk fundraising events. The animations are projected onto large screens for the walkers to see and engage with. The screens include Welcoming Animations, Safety Awareness, Walking/Starting Instructions and more information on the charities work and aims. Some of the animations are also used in social media and on LCD screens on the London Underground.



Animation projected onto large outdoor screen


Each year the MoonWalk has a different theme and the character'S bras and outfits change to suit. The left Walker in the picture above was for the MoonWalk Scotland 2016, and the right walker the MoonWalk London 2017 celebrating the Roaring Twenties. 


Sign Up' advertising for the MoonWalkLondon2018, London Underground


An animation still from the MoonWalk Scotland 2014 


An animation still from the MoonWalk London 2015 - Movie themed


An animation still from a 'Start' announcement for the MoonWalkLondon2018


An animation still from the MoonWalk Scotland 2015 - Superhero themed


'Uniting Together' animation still 


An animation still from the MoonWalk London 2014 - Rockabilly themed

An animation still from 'Where is your Next Challenge?'

I initially contacted Rowan with an idea of creating a few animated screens that might help our Walkers with the various instruction that we give out at our events. Rowan not only produced the animations, she created animated characters that are now used each year….she changes their bras and outfits of course to suit the theme, along with an ever growing archive of just wonderful visual creations that bring to life all that we do and stand for.


Our time limits are always short, our briefs are to say the least  minimal and often challenging…but Rowan always manages to capture the essence of what is required and produces and delivers on time, the most wonderful visuals and animations.


Thank you Rowan, you make it all feel very easy and all things possible!

Nina Barough CBE

Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk Worldwide


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